Femitokon Character Concepts

Some of the early character designs are in for the fiction series I’m writing, Femitokon.

Femitokon is a feminist sci-fi series that takes places on 23rd century Earth. Humans are nearly extinct, and the world is ruled by the single-gender Femmar, a species of sub-glacial bipeds living in Ramaxia (their name for Antarctica).  The protagonist of the series is Sofita Kul, her design is still a work in progress, and the Femitokon Shell bio-armor she wears is under wraps for now…but I’m allowed to show off some of the other characters (designed by the very talented Amelie Belcher).

The Femmar are born into genetic castes: Hizak (thinkers), Bizak (laborers), Subak (parental), Zaxir (breeder), and Marix (warrior), so their body types are a touch diverse, as is their style–all Femmar have black hair and black eyes, but their hides vary.  Femmar are produced in generational outputs, typically every twenty-five years.

Images below:

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Production Post: Femitokon

So I’ve managed to finish Silence is Golden first draft – it clocked in at 82,5k words.

That makes five books written (1 novella and 4 novels).  I need to adjust the outline for Twentieth Year, it was rejected by pub so I need to make changes before I can start writing it. Only one more book remains – the finale of the series, Ascension.

–wish me luck, readers.

On a NSFW subject, this is International Strap-On Week so in honor of that, I’m going to remind everyone that I have the English versions of two short fics of mine (published in overseas mags) available for .99 cents each on Kindle and the Nook.

Have a good summer!







Production Post: Femitokon

Back and forth with editor for first novella. Publisher made a few suggestions– the title of the first novella is being changed to ‘Femitokon: Suffocation’.

I’ve completed the outline for Ascension (the final novel in the series) and turned that in for review.  *crosses fingers*

Currently doing a clean up of the first draft of ‘Femitokon: Tribal Warfare”:

Inside the stairwell a guard waited for her, “I need to see identification, please,”

Sofita pulled out an ID badge.

It was a crude way to identify, but North American’s were averse to tech they didn’t invent.

“Thank you ma’am,” he said.

“Promad,” Sofita said, the man gave a start. “I’m not a human madam, miss, or Misses. I’m what you’d call a Captain, and you’ll address me as such.”

“Yes Captain,” he said with a click of his heels.

Production Post: Femitokon

I’m still chugging along.  Publisher wanted outlines for the rest of the novels in the series, and I had to hammer those out and send them in.  Artwork began a few weeks ago, and I’ve surrounded myself with character sketches in order to help me along as I write.  Not all writers do this, but I come from a comics background, and this is my first ‘novel’ series outside of comics–so the imagery helps me.


Back on Twitter

After an extremely LONG hiatus (I know I said a short time, but it’s been a year) I’m back on Twitter (@polishathena).  I’ve got 50% of the Femitokon series written, and artwork begins in March, and editorial “officially gets real” this summer.  So I’ve got some time to kill and plenty of TV to watch…


Pegging Fiction

A couple of erotic short stories I wrote in English, that ended up translated and published in a foreign anthology; they’ve been out for some time–but I’ve never promoted them to any real extent.

mine2keepsmallMine to Keep
(Шахта держать – Тина Колесник)
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Barnes & Noble Nook
Review Edition Request:

In this morbidly over the top short-story, a medically sidelined plastic surgeon named Lainie Burak draws friends Maggie, Shelly, and Dani, into a scheme to retain the ashes of a man whose beauty she helped create.


b90covblogBoy 90 (Мальчик 90 – Тина Колесник)
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Review Edition Request:

Ex police-agent now prisoner Beck Hirsch, is suspended from work assignment in the mines after a violent altercation with another convict. As she trudges back over the ice to her residence, she’s accosted by a young man desperate for shelter from an oncoming storm…